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"why should i get my air duct cleaning service done?"

Let me explain you in a few words the benefit of air duct cleaning and why you should have air duct cleaning service done once every 18-24 months, when we talking about air ducts we talking about our indoor air quality, dirty air ducts can cause a indoor air pollution, allergies, asthma and more, a maintenance every 18-24 months should protect you from indoor air pollution, stay away from this health hazard!
another reason you should get your air duct cleaning done is to prevent clogs and increase your furnace efficiency, after long time without air duct cleaning and maintenance your evaporator coil can get clogged, your a/c then work harder and loosing efficiency and your utilities bills increase, how can you prevent it? replace your filters every 1-2 months and inspect your furnace once every 18-24 with our expert.

The videos below is explanation videos from the national air duct cleaning association, watch them to learn more:

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you need a professional eyes looking on your furnace and air duct cleaning condition at least every 2 years, if you didn’t get your service done over 2 years check for the following signs:​

    • if you suffer from any type of allergies its a sign of mold/mildew.
    • if your home/office has musty or old smell  its a sign of mold/mildew.
    • if someone in your home suddenly began to have an asthma its sign of dust/dust mites.
    • if you’re getting less air flow then before, its sign of clog coil/dirty air ducts.

if you’re familiar with one or more of the following signs, schedule inspection immediately!  

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Our Duct Cleaning Process

We offering all in one air duct cleaning service to your residential or commercial properties , our experts will provide air duct cleaning for each duct individual for a flat price and inspect for you the entire system to prevent future malfunction.

how we do it?

all your air ducts are connected to one big box that located in the attic, the professional name its plenum box, first our experts will find this box, open it and vacuum each duct individual from the attic, that way we keep your house clean, your house will stay clean exactly like we got it!

the equipment we using it a powerful hepa vacuum connecting to a long vacuum hose and round brush that collect all the lose dust and debris from inside each of your ducts, after we making sure your duct system is free of dust and debris, we inspect your entire furnace and air ducts and provide a detailed inspection of each part individual including pictures of the condition.

what's include in our all in one Air duct cleaning package:

Air Duct Cleaning For Unlimited Ducts And Return Air With Powerful Duel Motor Hepa Machine (Per One A/C).

Inspection For Your Entire Air Ducts And Furnace To Insure Your Air Quality.

Free Inspection For Attic Insulation Dryer Vent And Chimney Base Of Your Request (One Of Each).

Free Deodorizer.

Filter Cleaning/Replacement (without supply).

Below Is Air Duct Cleaning And Plenum Box Cleaning Before And After:

Air Duct Cleaning Before And After
Plenum Box Cleaning Before And After
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