Frequently asked questions

Air Duct Cleaning Questions

every 18-24 months you should clean your ducts and inspect your furnace/air handler.

every air handler work on refrigerant ,the refrigerant make the coil wet and cold to cool the air, this water become mildew if you don’t maintain your a/c.  

the answer is no, our basic cleaning remove the loosest dust and the loosest contaminant in your air to PREVENT future damage.

the only two things you can do yourself is to replace your filters once a 1-2 months and drop a cup of vinaigrette inside your drain lines, you’ll still need to clean your furnace and ducts every 18-24 months.

drain lines its a pvc pipes that takes the water your coil create outside the furnace, usually there’s two drain lines, first and secondary, the secondary is located underneath the furnace connecting to a dripping pen.

Chimney sweep and repair Questions

chimney must be inspect every year and usually need to be sweep every year also, but if you use your chimney a lot you’ll need to clean it sooner then that.

creosote its a tar that the wood you burn inside your chimney create, its danger for a lot of reasons and its getting harder to clean it with the time.

we didn’t find the creosote removal flame as something that really help to get rid of creosote, there’s some benefits to using it but its not what you need to remove the creosote from your chimney.

we have a special brushes for that, we also using chemicals for creosote removal and brush it from the top and from the bottom(depend of your chimney and access).

the creosote can glazed on your fireplace and flu liner, glazed creosote can cause a huge fire case in your chimney, the more your creosote is glazed its harder to clean your chimney.