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"why should i get my air duct cleaning service done?"

Let me explain you in a few words the benefit of air duct cleaning and why you should have air duct cleaning service done once every 18-24 months, when we talking about air ducts we talking about our indoor air quality, dirty air ducts can cause a indoor air pollution, allergies, asthma and more, a maintenance every 18-24 months should protect you from indoor air pollution, stay away from this health hazard!
another reason you should get your air duct cleaning done is to prevent clogs and increase your furnace efficiency, after long time without air duct cleaning and maintenance your evaporator coil can get clogged, your a/c then work harder and loosing efficiency and your utilities bills increase, how can you prevent it? replace your filters every 1-2 months and inspect your furnace once every 18-24 with our expert.

The videos below is explanation videos from the national air duct cleaning association, watch them to learn more:

Our Duct Cleaning Process

We offering all in one air duct cleaning service to your residential or commercial properties , our experts will provide air duct cleaning for each duct individual for a flat price and inspect for you the entire system to prevent future malfunction.

how we do it?

all your air ducts are connected to one big box that located in the attic, the professional name its plenum box, first our experts will find this box, open it and vacuum each duct individual from the attic, that way we keep your house clean, your house will stay clean exactly like we got it!

the equipment we using it a powerful hepa vacuum connecting to a long vacuum hose and round brush that collect all the lose dust and debris from inside each of your ducts, after we making sure your duct system is free of dust and debris, we inspect your entire furnace and air ducts and provide a detailed inspection of each part individual including pictures of the condition.

what's include in our all in one Air duct cleaning package:

Air Duct Cleaning For Unlimited Ducts And Return Air With Powerful Duel Motor Hepa Machine (Per One A/C).

Inspection For Your Entire Air Ducts And Furnace To Insure Your Air Quality.

Free Inspection For Attic Insulation Dryer Vent And Chimney Base Of Your Request (One Of Each).

Free Deodorizer.

Filter Cleaning/Replacement (without supply).

Below Is Air Duct Cleaning And Plenum Box Cleaning Before And After:

Air Duct Cleaning Before And After
Plenum Box Cleaning Before And After

Local Search Tip

If you want to search for your local company in your area writing “air duct cleaning” its not enough, all you nee to do its to search for “air duct cleaning near me” and the search engine will collect for you all the local companies in your area, another way its just to call us.

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Our Reviews

Tim Gilligan
Tim Gilligan
These guys showed up on time and left the area cleaner than they found it. Price was comparable to other companies, but they were able to come out days earlier. Highly recommended!
Tenisha Dotson
Tenisha Dotson
Awesome service! They worked around our schedule and were very professional and detailed oriented. We will be using them again!
Jayne Boyd
Jayne Boyd
The people at Tornado Air Duct Cleaning are amazing. They are reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and hard workers. You can tell that they truly care about their business through how they treat their clients. It is so nice to have a local business you can trust.
Schaefer Chavez
Schaefer Chavez
Great service! The guy came on the time promised, he climbed the roof of my house, cleaned the dryer air ducts and was very nice and professional. Price was reasonable, I will definitely call them again if I have some issues. The guy was awesome and very informative.
Roger Gambrel
Roger Gambrel
Tornado Air did a fantastic job with the ducts cleaning in my house. Great people and great job!! We will call them again, when it's time to service again.
Tal Attias
Tal Attias
Tony came over to my apartment and provided all the information I wanted to know and showed a lot of professional knowledge. The price he gave me was fare and affordable:) Highly recommended
Eric Burch
Eric Burch
When you are looking to fix something as important and expensive as AC, you want someone you can trust. Their technician is that guy. He will diagnose the problem, give you a reasonable quote (better than any other company I contacted), and will get the job done. He was friendly, professional, communicative, and is most importantly a man of his word. I now have an amazing AC unit, paid significantly less than other quotes I received, and had the best customer service than I've had from ANY other service company in my life. Highly recommend!
evan moiser
evan moiser
Professional and Friendly Service, Quality and Affordable I contacted Tornado Air to replace another company. The difference was immediate, the technician was very nice and thorough in mapping our commercial system for maintenance contract. This way I do not have to "guide" every new technician. We needed our 10 ton RTU replaced, Elite gave us a timely and affordable quite. we contracted the job and it was done quickly and with professional service. Tony are friendly, professional and helpful. I am happy to use and review Tornado Air!
Bria J.
Bria J.
Flexible when I needed to reschedule, friendly and thorough service
Mallory H.
Mallory H.
Thanks so much Tornado Air! We appreciate you.
Eric S.
Eric S.
Fantastic team. Great communication. On time. Honest about my need. Absolutely would recommend.
Krystal W.
Krystal W.
Tony and his colleague were fantastic. Very friendly and knowledgeable. They walked us through every step, explaining the process, before doing the next task. They actually turned out to be quite the life-savers! We didn't realize how bad the mildew buildup in our vents was and now can already feel improvements in the air quality throughout the whole house. They took care of everything quickly and efficiently. Will absolutely call Tornado again in the future.
George F.
George F.
So happy that I decided to deal with this company. If you shelve duct cleaning don’t waste your time anymore! This is the best service I ever faced! Moreover, they have prices, which will bring a smile into your face 100%!
Eran Z.
Eran Z.
Tony and Lucas came over and told me how the whole process works and showed me videos of the before and after. I was amazed at how clean they got! He showed me the service panels and plugs they added which were much nicer and professional than my last cleaning by a different company over 6 years ago. Plus, the reminder dates on the unit are a great touch so I know when to do it again. Thanks so much
Ariel Tzadok
Ariel Tzadok
I could not be happier with the decision to hire Tornado-Air. The technicians were amazing professionals who answered all our questions with ease. They did a fabulous job!! I would recommend them to family and friends around. I will use your service again
Marcella De Lemos
Marcella De Lemos
I had an issue with my dryer that nobody could fix it or pull my dryer out to take a look. They were so responsive and made sure that they got the job done! It was expensive! But at that point I didn't care anymore. Just want my dryer to work!!

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